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All you need to do is make that first initial phone call; no loss is too small; our inspection is free and we are happy to advise you on all matters. A licensed and bonded public adjuster will come to your residence or place of business at no cost to you. We will examine your insurance policy, discuss your loss and begin to note all information needed to prepare a specialized “ insurance industry estimate, using the latest paid prices in the current market” in order for you to receive the largest settlement possible

As your personal public adjusters we will ask you basic questions. When was the first time you noticed the loss; the date. What caused the loss(a broken pipe, heavy rains etc.) What were your first steps to try and stop the loss from continuing to damage your home or place of work? Turning off your main water line, putting a tarp over the opening on the roof, are some of the simple actions and answers that are expected by your insurer

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Denied Claims


If your damage claim for your home or business was denied, you’re not out of options. We can help you file an accurate revised claim to get the money you need for repairs.


Often claims are denied due to errors or oversights on your initial estimate. Our highly trained estimators have experience reopening previously denied claims with great success. If your initial claim was denied, you need an expert estimator to evaluate your insurance policy coverage and represent you in a professional manner.


Our estimators are specially trained to provide highly detailed estimate breakdowns to insurance companies that are based on current market value for both materials and labor. This knowledge is essential for ensuring you get the most money available for your claim, and makes it easier for your insurance company to understand the full scope of the damage your home or business sustained.

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Reopen Claim


Receiving a denial letter in response to a loss is always a disappointment to a property owner. Policy premiums are very highly priced, carry large deductibles and a rise in cost every year. Insuring our properties is one of the largest overhead expenses in our budget. We purchase our Insurance agreement policy in good faith, believing that whenever we may suffer a loss, our insurance company will reciprocate and give us a “just claims settlement.”


We imagine that an industry of such wealth and magnitude will treat their policyholders respectfully and honestly. After all, we have entered into a lawful agreement with them. We expect them to pay a claim that deserves to be paid. How often do most residential owners or commercial property owners actually file a claim? Once or twice in a lifetime? Certainly, it is unexpected when the denial letter is received. Often with no understandable reason given for the denial.


iFile Claims Public Adjusters is happy to review your case and read your letter of denial to see what would be the best course to take. We have handled many denials and have been able to secure the funds the INSURED was looking forward to. Nine out of ten times a denial will get paid. Most times with more money than the property owner ever expected to receive. So join all of our clients who use iFile Claims Public Adjusters and give yourself another opportunity to submit your claim and get your fair settlement. You certainly have nothing to lose, only to gain!

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The following terms and conditions form part of the agreement between the parties:

  • In consideration for the above described services, the INSURED expressly agrees to pay ADJUSTING CO. the percentage of _______% from all proceeds of all funds received in the settlement of his/her/their insurance claim regardless of whether the loss is settled or paid by the insurance company as a result of adjustment, mediation, appraisal, arbitration, lawsuit or otherwise on all coverages applicable under the described policy or any other applicable policy. INSURED understands that it may be necessary to incur professional fees in order to properly adjust the above referenced claim. These fees may include, but are not limited to, the use of a Professional Engineer, Attorney, Insurance Claim Appraiser, Umpire, Industrial Hygienist etc. INSURED understands and agrees that such professional fees will be incurred pursuant to ADJUSTING CO. 's DISCRETION, without the necessity of INSURED’s authorization, and that INSURED agrees to pay ADJUSTING CO said professional fees from the insurance proceeds paid by the insurance company.
  • INSURED hereby authorizes and requests that the insurance company include the name of the ADJUSTING CO. as a payee on all checks or drafts issued by the insurance company. In the event the insurance company fails to include the ADJUSTING CO. on the check or draft, the INSURED hereby grants ADJUSTING CO. a lien on the recovered proceeds received by the INSURED to the extent of the fee due ADJUSTING CO. ' pursuant to this agreement. Moreover, this contract gives power to the to deposit checks received from the insurance claim into ADJUSTING CO. 's escrow account until such time as same clears.
  • INSURED agrees to make payment to ADJUSTING CO. within five (5) days of receipt of any funds, recovery or benefit for any reason including settlement, appraisal, judgment, and transfer of property or payment
  • In addition, I/We as the INSURED authorizes the mortgage company and/or bank to release a check for the percentage of ___% to ADJUSTING CO. , as the only payee since they have rendered their services to me/us and I/We wish to settle their fee in advance should funds be disbursed partially and/or in payments.
  • ADJUSTING CO. has not made any representations or warranties to INSURED regarding the outcome of the claim.
  • It is clearly understood that this is a contingency fee contract between INSURED and ADJUSTING CO.
  • ADJUSTING CO. agrees not to accept any settlement without discussion and approval from INSURED. INSURED's endorsement on any proceeds check will be deemed to be an agreement with the terms and conditions of any related settlement. The INSURED agrees that all proceed checks be mailed to ADJUSTING CO.
  • INSURED is hereby advised of your right of counsel, and choice thereof, to represent you, and that such choice is to be made solely by you. Although ADJUSTING CO. may utilize the advice of counsel in the performance of its business operations, there will be no attorney-client relationship with you and ADJUSTING CO. 's counsel.
  • INSURED agrees that ADJUSTING CO. has authority to request appraisal on behalf of the INSURED.
  • INSURED stipulates that the claim and documents presented to ADJUSTING CO. or to the insurer by INSURED are not fraudulent and that INSURED is acting in good faith and in compliance with the laws of Florida.
  • INSURED agrees to give ADJUSTING CO. Power of Attorney to endorse proceed checks on their behalf.
  • This agreement shall be binding upon the estate of the INSURED in the event of his/her death.
  • The choice of venue for all claims arising out of or related to this contract is Miami-Dade County, Florida. The substantive law to be applied is Florida law. The prevailing party in any action shall be entitled to reasonable attorney's fees and costs and ADJUSTING CO. shall be entitled to costs of collections. INSURED agrees to indemnify ADJUSTING CO. for all fraud claims.
  • A computer or faxed signature shall be deemed the same as an original signature and the undersigned stipulates and agrees that they have the authority to enter into this agreement as the INSURED.
  • You, the INSURED, may cancel this contract for any reason without penalty or obligation to you within 10 days after the date of this contract by providing notice to A1 Property Damage Claims Agency, Inc., D/B/A Century Public Adjusters by submitted in writing and sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, or other form of mailing that provides proof thereof, at the address specified in the contract.
  • By signing below, the INSURED acknowledges he/she/they understand(s) and accept(s) the terms of this agreement and that all information provided herein is accurate.
Pursuant to s.817.234, Florida Statutes, any person who, with the intent to injure, defraud, or deceive any insurer or INSURED, prepares, presents, or causes to be presented a proof of loss or estimate of cost or repair of damaged property in support of a claim under an insurance policy knowing that the proof of loss or estimate of claim or repairs contains any false, incomplete or misleading information concerning any fact or thing material to the claim commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s.775.082, s.775.083, or s.775.084, Florida Statutes.

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